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Cowbell promotes youth empowerment in Sierra Leone

Challenging and equipping the youth of today to become the ideal leaders of tomorrow was the intent behind this year’s international youth empowerment summit, held from 21-23 January, 2022 at The Freetown International Conference Centre.

Participants, drawn from across Africa, spoke on peace, leadership and youth empowerment issues, among others. By the end, they were energized to take up leadership mantles, no matter the challenges that come with it.

Your favourite dairy brand Cowbell was present to provide excellent refreshments, serving Cowbell Coffee and Cowbell Strawberry for the 3-day conference, which participants really enjoyed.

In delivering his address, keynote speaker, Francis Ben Kaifala, the Commissioner, Anti-corruption Commission of the Republic of Sierra Leone, reminded young delegates from Africa that one man used “youthful exuberance” to leave a legacy for his people in just five years: Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso. "So let none feel offended when anyone tries to refer to them as “exuberant” even if derogation is meant. Let them use it to change their country’s stories like Sankara," he stated.