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Cowbell makes waves on social media

The Promasidor group prides itself on its social media acumen. All the brands in its stable enjoy extensive social media coverage, with a strong focus on Facebook, where all the brands have a presence in every country within the group. Cowbell, our flagship milk brand, has been especially successful on its Nigerian Facebook page. So much so that the website Lists Nigeria voted it the sixth most successful social media brand.

With daily updates, competitions and promotions, we’re not at all surprised by the accolade. Brands on social media these days have to be “witty, creative, fast and sometimes unconventional” as Lists Nigeria put it, and the Cowbell brand ticks all those boxes and more.

Lists Nigeria focused especially on our coverage of the Cowbellpedia maths competition. The competition is held across Nigeria with over 50 000 schools participating. Two participants, a junior and a senior, are selected from each school. From there, the students participate in a series of preliminary rounds until 36 students are selected for the Cowbellpedia TV Quiz show, from which 12 finalists are selected for the final round, which is broadcast around the country on a host of different TV and radio stations. The ultimate prize is 1 million Naira, with the teacher of the winner receiving 400 000 Naira.

Cowbell Nigeria covered every step of the competition, with accolades for great performances along with witty comments and questions. The page also posted video clips from the Quiz show. All these elements allowed Cowbell to rise above its competitors and etched the brand in the minds of consumers across the country. If you would like to see more go to the Cowbell Nigeria Facebook page.

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