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Cowbell hosts families in a day of fun and games

The 2012 edition of the Joy FM Party In The Park was organised once again with the aim of families coming together to have fun in a serene environment.

This year's event, sponsored by Cowbell saw over a thousand families coming together to have fun, socialize and experience remarkable moments.

The event commenced mid morning with aerobics lessons, where people of all ages had the opportunity to exercise their bodies to the pulsating beat of local contemporary music. There were different categories of entertainment for the day, which included board games like Ludo (a giant one), Oware, Monopoly, Scrabble, Draughts, face painting, giant castles for bouncing and adventure and musical chairs for adults among others.

The Cowbell Climber Challenge, which was the highlight of the day consisted of a 20-meter high obstacle course and a 3-metre high climbing wall which compelled families to work together as a team to compete with other families. A milk bar was mounted for free dairy drinks of Cowbell Coconut, Cowbell Chocomalt and Cowbell Strawberry.

The appearance of Ma Cow at the end of the day crowned the excitement as she gave out gifts to the winning families of the Cowbell climber challenge. The 2012 party in the park was entertaining and amusing. Cowbell has doubtlessly succeeded in creating unforgettable moments for Ghanaian families.

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