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Cowbell Ghana celebrates reaching 50,000 Facebook followers

The reality of the digital age is that social media has not only become a part of individual lives but also a part of corporate marketing strategies. The Cowbell Ghana Facebook page was created as a response to the rapidly increasing use of Facebook in Ghana, especially amongst young people.

Commencing in February 2013, the Cowbell Facebook page hit its 50,000th follower in December and, as a way of bringing the Cowbell Facebook community together, an event was held. The demographics of the majority of the fans made a movie evening the perfect choice. The Silverbird cinema at the Accra Mall was chosen and it proved to be the perfect venue for the event.

The 250 guests soon began pouring in and got themselves comfortable in the cinema, clutching their free popcorn and Cowbell milk drink. The cutting of a celebratory cake decked out in the Cowbell colours preceded the screening of the movie. The cake cutting was done by a number of the fans that had followed the prescribed dress code: orange, white and blue.

As the captivating visuals from the carefully selected movie, ‘Battle of the year’ flickered into life, it was easy to see that the Cowbell Facebook Fans would not be forgetting this event for a long time to come.

When the enchantment of the movie died down, guests were surprised to find that the evening was not quite over as they were given the opportunity to win some special prizes.

The evening was soon over and the visibly excited guests filed out as each person received a complimentary gift package. Cowbell had struck a special chord with its Facebook fans in the brand’s characteristic fashion. A strong emotional attachment to the Cowbell brand had surely been achieved.

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