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Cowbell Facebook plays golf with fans

The Cowbell Facebook project, which began in April 2013, has quickly surpassed our expectations. The threshold of 50 000 followers was reached within a few months and has continued to grow, making it one of the largest followed in Ghana.

In December 2014, with the followership of the page calculated to hit the 100,000 "likes" mark, an event was planned for our loyal followers. In keeping with the brand's reputation for being innovative and interesting, a mini-golf event was chosen to celebrate the milestone.

Selected fans came from far and wide to take part in this joyful event, which was held at an exclusive mini-golf course in Accra. Many fans expected a good time and they were not disappointed. Lots of laughs and funny moments were captured as the fans tried to complete the challenging mini golf course, with eighteen holes in total and each entirely different from the other. With various obstacles and uneven, sloping surfaces, this challenge was indeed something worth remembering.

The event, or tournament, had the fans placed in playing groups. Even though most were new to mini-golf, they seemed to get the hang of it as the day wore on. Gradually the numbers were reduced based on scores and the few that had distinguished themselves played for the ultimate priz,e as their fellow fans relaxed on the terraces having a good time.

The golf continued throughout the day with food served in the afternoon along with delicious Cowbell Strawberry. Finally, the tournament ended and a winner emerged. He was presented with a huge hamper filled with cowbell products. Other hampers were given to some of the other competitors as well. No one went home empty-handed though, as the remaining fans each received a Cowbell gift bag.

A happy fan, Phid Dey said, 'I am excited. I came with my family to celebrate this day with Cowbell, this was a whole new experience for me'. Once again the Cowbell brand has managed to stand out as innovative, caring and engaging with a loyal following among its consumers and fans.

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