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Charity in Bunia with Coach Ibenge

Even if he is in the middle of the Congolese championship, Coach Ibenge always finds time to visit orphanages around the country.

During his latest visit in Bunia (Ituri Province, North East of DRC), Coach Ibenge went to the Kizito Orphanage to spend some quality time with the kids and congratulate the nuns for their great work and dedication to all the children. Most of them have lost their parents through the conflicts, which have lasted decades in the eastern DRC. The Kizito orphanage supports 120 children, including 20 babies. The nuns also take care of 40 children who live with host families, assuring them of a daily meal.


Coach Ibenge strongly believes that we need to invest in the youth for a better future in the DR Congo. For this reason, the coach dedicates his time to the children, as he wants to share some of his personal experiences in life and give them advice such as working hard at school, believing in yourself and most of all standing up for your beliefs.


The Cowbell team also took the opportunity to share all the benefits of Cowbell milk with the kids and explain our Vitarich formula.