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August 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to this, the second edition of Promasidor Link for 2015.

As usual, we've got a bit of a mixed bag of goodies with launches, milestones and CSR and in-company initiatives. It's pleasing to note that within our CSR initiatives we are injecting elements of fun, excitement and physical activity. These include the volleyball tournament in Lagos and the beach soccer tournament in Pointe Noire. In Algeria, we are sponsoring the national circus and bringing joy to kids across the country with the Amila beach tour. Promasidor Algeria is also sponsoring a new TV Show, in which contestants try to win 3 condos, or luxury apartments; stay tuned for more on that one. Nigeria continues with its annual Quill Awards, which rewards outstanding journalism in the country. In the Congo and Gabon, we are doing good work in supporting women and girls' rights.

In terms of in-company initiatives, the Change Management program in Kenya continues to create a culture within which all employees can succeed and build the company. Another Kenyan initiative is the use of the social app WhatsApp as a tool to enhance merchandising.

In Nigeria, the Promasidor Group has launched a new project aptly named NERP (New Enterprise Resource Planning), which will be used to automate and integrate a company's core business processes such as sales, marketing, production, inventory and financial management.

All this and more in this issue, so please enjoy.

The Editor

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