Loya Premium

Made from specially sourced milk from New Zealand, Loya premium is a superior quality full-cream milk powder, which now offers 50% more calcium through its Hi-Cal formulation.

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      20g : sachet  
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      400g : tin  
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      900g : tin  
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      400g : sachet  
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      900g : sachet  
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      2.5kg : pouch  

Loya premium

Promasidor uses the finest fresh cows' milk sourced from New Zealand to make Loya premium, a full-cream milk powder of the highest quality. Loya Premium is an excellent powdered milk product, which can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • More than just milk

    Made from premium cows' milk sourced exclusively from New Zealand, Loya Premium now contains 50% more calcium.

    Loya Premium is a full-cream powdered milk that has been fortified with a Hi-Cal formulation and now contains 50% more calcium, making it a rich source of calcium necessary to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

    It has also been enriched with HiCal, a booster of calcium for good health and nutrition. Loya Premium comes in a variety of pack sizes, which include small foil pouches and bigger economical tins to suit any need and any pocket.