Proma Café

Giving you a revitalising caffeine lift when you need it most, Proma Café is a premium blend of 100% pure Brazilian coffee that delivers pure satisfaction in every cup.

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Proma Café

Our master coffee roasters have carefully blended pure Robusta and Arabica coffees to bring you a rich and aromatic soluble coffee. With a variety of airtight packaging sizes, Proma Café is convenient, economical and versatile.

Premium Instant Coffee

An aromatic blend of the finest pure Brazilian coffee, Proma Café is granulated to dissolve easily for maximum flavour release, giving you the modern day convenience of easy portion control.

Each heaped teaspoon (2g) of our soluble instant coffee makes one cup of rich, smooth coffee, and you can use Proma Café for a variety of purposes, from irish coffee and cappuccino to iced coffee and flavouring for desserts. Available in a variety of convenient airtight packaging sizes that includes a 50g tin, 200g tin, as well as a 2g single serve sachet, Proma Café instant coffee is guaranteed to stay fresher for longer.