In the last 18 years, Cowbell has been involved in the sponsorship of Mathematics competition in Secondary Schools in Nigeria. Our objectives have remained the same over these years, as we believe in the total development of the Nigerian Child.

  • To awaken the consciousness and interest in mathematics among Junior and Senior secondary school students in Nigeria.
  • To improve students’ performance in Mathematics Pan Nigeria.
  • To create a credible platform for identifying outstanding students and encouraging excellence in Mathematics.
  • To provide a creditable platform that will reward excellence in the subject area of Mathematics.

Over the years, this sponsored platform for both Junior and Senior Secondary categories has evolved from the humble beginning of Lagos state only examination to a nationwide examination that has received the support of the Federal Ministry of Education.

From 2016, we have taken a strategic decision to bring all Mathematics intervention activities by your favorite brand, Cowbell- Our Milk under one umbrella, COWBELLPEDIA.

Also, from 2016, we will continue with our Mathematics intervention activity for Secondary Schools in Nigeria using the name Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz Show.

The competition is in two stages:

  1. Stage 1: Qualifying Written Examination
  2. Stage 2: TV Quiz Show
Other activities under Cowbellpedia include:
  • Cowbellpedia Radio Programme: a 5-minute interactive radio Mathematics programme on major radio stations in Nigeria to teach secondary school students rudiments of Mathematics. Also, past examination questions of WAEC and NECO are solved on this programme.
  • Cowbellpedia Mobile App: we have developed a multi-level mobile app that allows secondary school students to practice Mathematics questions in a fun way and everywhere. This app can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Stage 1 (Qualifying Written Examination)

How to enter

The Mathematics Competition is open to students from 10 - 18 years of age attending full time Secondary Education in both Public and Private Schools in Nigeria. Entry into this competition is FREE.

Each School is required to present their BEST Ten (10) students in Mathematics (five from JSS3 and five from SSS2), irrespective of sex, religion, tribe or state of origin, to enhance their chance of qualifying for the next stage of the competition.

To encourage Girl Child Education, we are making a humble appeal that Mixed Schools to nominate minimum two (2) girls for each category to represent such school.

  1. Go to www.cowbellpedia.ng.

  2. Click on link to register your school.

  3. Fill the form and submit. Ensure to fill all required fields.

  4. An email will be sent to the School and Primary contact email addresses provided when filling the form.

  5. Use the link in the email received to verify the email addresses. Both email addresses must be verified before you can login.

  6. Once both emails are verified, login to the portal using the school email and password used to register.

  7. On successful login, you click on the Add Candidates under Candidate Management.

  8. Fill in the candidates information on the form, upload the candidate's picture and click the Save Draft button.

  9. You will need to save draft information for 5 candidates before you can submit their registration. If you school is a mixed school, at least 2 of the candidates must be female or you won't be able to complete the registration.

  10. After creating the draft registration for 5 candidates in a category (junior/senior) button will be shown on the page to "Register junior/senior candidates". Click the button to complete the registration of candidates for that category.

  11. A confirmation slip will be generated for you to download and will also be mailed to the School, candidate and parent/guardian email address.

  12. Print this confirmation slip and have it stamped and signed by the school principal.

  13. The confirmation slip will be required for admitting candidates at the examination venue.

Examination and Results
  • Examination date is Saturday, March 19, 2016 at 10.00am but accreditation starts at 8.00am.
  • Examination will be conducted by National Examination Council (NECO).
  • Candidates and Schools are advised to check the results from Wednesday, June 1, 2016 by visiting www.cowbellpedia.ng.
  • Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states are excluded for now due to security challenges in those states.

Cash Prizes
  • There will be cash prizes for the top three (3) students in each state.
    • 1st Prize: =N=25,000.
    • 2nd Prize: =N=20,000.
    • 3rd Prize: =N=15,000.
  • Teachers of the 1st prize student will receive =N=25,000.
Summary of changes to stage 1







Online registration at www.cowbellpedia.ng (see detials above)

- To improve logistics and planning

10 Students per school (5 in each category)

For mixed Schools, you must register minimum
2 girl students

- To promote girl child education

Physical registration at the center on the examination date


6 Students per school (3 in each category)

No condition female

Stage 2 (TV Quiz Show)

  • Top 54 students (each category) will be selected and invited for Stage 2.
    • Top 20 students irrespective of the state such students represent.
    • The next 34 students i.e. one (1) student from each state including FCT.
    • This implies that we will have at least one (1) student from each state and FCT.
  • Stage Final examination is in Quiz format and is sub-divided into Preliminary, Semi-Final and Finals.
  • Questions are set by NECO.
  • This is serialized into 13 episodes and broadcast on major TV stations pan Nigeria.

  • Students (Junior and Senior)


Cash Prize

Other Prizes







Trophy + Medal + All expense paid vacation

Trophy + Medal

Trophy + Medal

  • Teachers


cash Prizes







  • Schools


cash Prizes




Plaque of Recognition + 5 Desktop Computers + 1 Printer + Mathematics Textbooks

Plaque of Recognition + 3 Desktop Computers + 1 Printer + Mathematics Textbooks

Plaque of Recognition + 2 Desktop Computers + 1 Printer + Mathematics Textbooks

  • Benson Iweka Prize
    • This prize goes to the school with the most consistent and outstanding performance over a three-year period. We are  looking at the period of 2014-2016.

Summary of changes to Stage 2


NEW (2016)

OLD (2015)

OLD (2014)



Improvement in students' prize money

1st- =N=1,000,000 1st- =N=750,000 1st- SSS:=N=300,000 JSS:=N=250,000
2nd- =N=750,000 2nd- =N=500,000 2nd- SSS:=N=250,000 JSS:=N=200,000
3rd- =N=500,000 3rd- =N=250,000 3rd- SSS:=N=200,000 JSS:=N=150,000



Improvement in teachers' prize money

1st- =N=400,000 1st- =N=250,000 1st- =N=250,000
2nd- =N=300,000 2nd- =N=200,000 2nd- =N=200,000
3rd- =N=200,000 3rd- =N=150,000 3rd- =N=150,000